Advertising Ideas for Bookkeepers

Advertising your bookkeeping business helps to build your company brand and generate potential prospects. Make a list of the precise Bookkeeper services you want to sell before you get started advertising your business. This will point someone to your aim for the customer and let you know where and how to advertise to them. When customers contact your business, inquire further how they heard about you. Use this information to continue advertisements that work and stop advertising that does not work.

Now, that is not the simplest way to find new customers.

Today, human relationships and reputation tend to be important than ever, and “old-fashioned” advertising is a lot less effective. So, the idea of calling new start-ups and soliciting their business may deliver a client or two, simply because of timing. You would be approaching them when they are more likely to feel they want help.

Here’s why I do not believe it is the best way to build a successful business through:

  • Start-ups will not have much money and tend to be price sensitive. Particularly if you are incredibly good at what you do and offer high-quality service, they will not recognize that value and become more centered on cost.
  • You should be concentrating on your clients based on a specialty. You could specialize in supporting start-ups, but that continues to be too basic. You likely aren’t an expert in any way different types of start-up businesses that will come your way.
  • Contacting people by email to provide (sell) your services when they do not really know you and did not request you to contact them is known as spam and is also illegal.


Focus your bookkeeping practice to focus on specific types of customers by concentrating on specific bookkeeping services, such as duty services, payroll services, nonprofit bookkeeping, small company bookkeeping, or bookkeeping for educational institutions. Specializing your Bookkeeper services helps you slim your advertising emphasis and can give you an advertising advantage over other financial service companies.


Advertising to the people most likely to become your customers is an efficient use of your advertising us dollars. Bookkeeping is an enterprise where you have access to customers’ private financial information. Factor this point in when choosing where you can advertise and what you want your adverts to communicate. It is also possible to make use of modern tools to provide Bookkeeper services to customers in distant locations.

Online Advertisements

Websites like Google, Facebook and Linked In offer advertisements you can target to specific groupings at less inexpensive rates than you can pay for print ads. Place a free of charge advertisement situated by category and location on Craigslist. Advertise your Bookkeeper business for free online that let your visitors leave feedback about their experience with your company. Good responses on these websites can make your business more attractive to potential customers, so ask you’re happy customers to give your small business positive scores on these websites.

Print Advertisements

Place advertisements in local newspapers, periodicals, business trade journals and other publications that have your desired customer as a target audience. Spend your advertising us dollars on ads that your focus on clients is likely to see. For example, if you chose to target business clients, local organizations for businesses, including the chamber of commerce, may have member publications in which you can advertise. Printing Bookkeeper ¬†advertisements help you build your company’s reliability and brand. Also, because fewer companies by printing advertisements, if you buy an ad, it will stick out more. See more this site